Known Yards Sectional Results 1977-1979         
The first girls sectionals began in 1975 but there is no evidence that Monroe Central competed until 1977.  The first sectional that Monroe Central competed in was at the 20 school Jay County Sectional of 1977.  The Lady Bears were moved to the 21 school Delta Sectional in 1978.

                       Yards Sectional Events: 80 Yard Hurdles

100 Yard Dash

Mile Run

880 Yard Relay

440 Yard Dash

880 Yard Run

220 Yard Dash

880 Yard Medley Relay

Shot Put

High Jump

Running Long Jump

Softball Throw


1977     at Jay County High School

             Running Long Jump-   Mary Traub   5th Place

1978      at Delta High School    No finalists 

1979      at Delta High School   Tied for 14th  3pts.

             80 Yard Hurdles-   Mary Butts  6th Place

             Mile Run-  Lori Reed  5th Place